Winter skin essentials

Winter skin essentials

Winter is coming and if you don’t want to look like a White Walker, then it’s time to refresh your skin care regime. Maybe it’s not been too dreich of late but the drop in temperature to Baltic levels combined with our famous Scottish wind can play havoc with any attempt at a fresh, dewy look.

Our immediate reaction to the short, dark days – whacking up the central heating – just makes it worse, drying our already compromised complexions, turning them dull and grey. Then there is the dramatic change in temperatures between inside-cosy and outside-drookit, which can lead to skin becoming hypersensitive. Oh, the woes of winter!

The key is to crank up protection. The light moisturisers of summer, usually paired with sunscreen, are rarely enough for the cold and central heating because they fail to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Dry skin often reacts to these challenges by producing a small amount of sebum, which increases the risk of irritation and damage during the winter months, regardless of skin type. The answer is to swap to a richer cream, which can be enhanced by a weekly or bi-weekly deep masque. Regular exfoliation will also help skin glow with health rather than with cold. And don’t forget to protect lips. Every person’s skin is different so the best advice is to talk to one of our therapists for personalised recommendations.

Meanwhile, the ultimate winter wonder to which we are all addicted in-salon is the deeply comforting Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionisation facial, which leaves skin deeply cleansed, tightens pores, recaptures lost radiance and luminosity, and, overall, encourages a more youthful appearance. It is so lovely. To raise the temperature a tad we are offering one person the opportunity to sample this gorgeous facial, worth £57 – all you need to do is click through to our Facebook page here and tell us one of your favourite Scottish words to describe winter or our typical Scottish weather. You can’t use ours though. We’ll pick a winner on Monday 12 November.

Meanwhile we do have some other winter-time faves you need to stock up on:

  • Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute applied twice weekly to restore moisture, calm irritations and revive radiance. £36.25
  • Hydrazone Yeux used daily to hydrate and protect the delicate eye contour and lids while smoothing out wrinkles and crow’s feet. £47.50
  • Baume Levre Confort for the lips, used as required to soothe, nourish and protect. £19.75


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