Fringe benefits

Fringe benefits

Ever noticed that in your restyle the fringe is left until last? That’s because they can be tricky little blighters. Do you go short, soft, blunt or disconnected? How does it sit with the rest of the cut? How will it grow out?

In early October I was called down to London to do a stage show for haircare giant Wella. So there I am in front of a mixed audience of experienced hairdressers and trainees deciding what I will focus on. Working with Cat and Deanne, we’d produced two sharp, contemporary looks backstage with really exciting colour, but being more than just a show-and-tell  is a challenge; we wanted to actually cut hair on stage. That’s scary when your every move is being scrutinised and your hand is shaking. Cat opted to finish off one style on stage to show how we graduate short hair, while I focused on cutting in the fringe – a blunt fringe. It got me thinking about the individual steps we take to create the perfect fringe, from sectioning to swapping about between different scissors.

My advice is, don’t try this at home, folks. Why would you when we offer our Free Fringe Upkeep service to hook into between appointments? The fringe is often the focal point of the style and we know how to cut it as your hair grows, so don’t be shy, let us help out. It takes just minutes and we’d much rather you came to us beforehand than afterwards when the only option you might have left is a micro-fringe.

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