Five steps to blonde perfection



Spring may have barely sprung, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead, especially if you are toying with the idea of going blonde for the summer. But whether it’s Marilyn Munroe’s platinum bombshell or Blake Lively’s honey tones, it’s smart to plan ahead and make sure the hair is in tip-top condition beforehand.

One: A series of pre-colour salon treatments in the months before B-day definitely helps. If hair is in poor condition, these protein products are essential for improving elasticity.

Two: Start using the best shampoo and conditioner for your individual hair type. If you’ve lightened it before, you need a colour protect duo to work its magic from root to tip in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

Three: Sometimes we recommend a keratin spray boost, depending on the how light you want to go, so you hair has added strength. But always tell your stylist if you’ve been using a keratin treatment at home; some can make the hair go crisp if overused.

Four: talk it over with your stylist in advance. If you mention it now, he or she might suggest a different direction with the cut, one that will bring the best lights and shadows within the hair.

Five: always use a professional. In-salon services come with instant nurture that protects while the colour takes effect, creating a protective shield that preserves the hair surface quality from chemical damage, giving a visibly clearer and more even blonde. We’ll often add a product like Schwarzkopf Fibreplex into the colour as it’s applied. It keeps the hair in the very best condition and can be used as a follow-up at home.

Don’t forget aftercare: here at Charlie Taylor we’ll help you keep it perfect. During the weeks and months after your transformation we’ll keep a close eye on your colour, shape and condition making sure you have the best products to keep that salon-fresh look for longer.

So if you want long luscious honey tones like Blake Lively or the strawberry warmth loved by Cate Blanchett or even the icier tones preferred by Charlize Theron , you know where to come.


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