Charlie and Cat take Dublin by storm

Charlie and Cat take Dublin by storm

Charlie and Cat (from our Dundee salon) are fresh off the plane from Dublin, where the duo headlined at the regional final of haircare giant Wella’s TrendVision Irish competition. A competition and a show, the event was electric, with tears and tantrums as stylists from all over Ireland battled in timed conditions to impress the judges and win a trip to the grand final in London. After a day of wrangling with hairpieces and hair clips, the competitors had a chance to relax (!) while their work was judged, by watching how the big-name professionals do it. That’s where Charlie and Cat stepped in: to lead off an amazing show with amazing models sporting what were, hands-down, the most popular hairstyles of the whole event. And we are not just saying that, honestly.

Everyone who entered was also given a mentor, so Charlie, who was the only female mentor recruited, knew some of the people. But she and Cat didn’t really get to see much of the work presented as they were busy backstage, creating the most incredible braids that were immediately photographed and shared across social media.

Charlie, who did a similar show for the London regional, said: ‘TrendVision is about celebrating the ambition of hairdressers to be the best they can. This and other competitions are important to us because it’s all about keeping our industry on its toes, pushing to be better and better each day. It’s fantastic to witness and great for my team to embrace.’

Charlie and Cat can now relax and look forward to the Grand Finale in London on 8 October – as guests, able to watch the show.

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