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Winter skin essentials

Winter is coming and if you don’t want to look like a White Walker, then it’s time to refresh your skin care regime. Maybe it’s not been too dreich of late but the drop in temperature to Baltic levels combined with our famous Scottish wind can play havoc with any attempt at a fresh, dewy …


Fringe benefits

Ever noticed that in your restyle the fringe is left until last? That’s because they can be tricky little blighters. Do you go short, soft, blunt or disconnected? How does it sit with the rest of the cut? How will it grow out? In early October I was called down to London to do a …


We’re hiring!

With an exciting re-fit on the horizon, we are recruiting new hair and beauty professionals as we look to expand our wonderful CT Dundee AND our CT Perth teams. We are looking for: – Nail technician  – Brow/lash experts – Make-up artist – Salon assistant – Junior stylist – Senior stylist – Front of house …